… trying to light up the dark.

Marion Cotillard as Marie in Les Jolies Choses (2001)


Keira Knightley - ”Domino” Los Angeles Premiere

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Keira Knightley - ”Begin Again” New York Premiere

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Keira Knightley - “Begin Again” Photocall London

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Miss Julie (2014) Directed by Liv Ullmann.

When I was a little boy lying there in secret looking at you in the garden and saw you walking among the roses, and i saw your slim white ankles, well i tell you i had the same nasty thoughts like all young boys.

Happy 39th Birthday Angelina Jolie Voight! (June 4, 1975)

Happy Birthday my sweet Queen!!! <3


no just no. fuck this shit! fuck the writers, fuck the characters fuck this show in general i am done! i give up on this show fuck everything

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